Are .mobi domains still a good investment?

I read about the death of .mobi on several blogs, as well as in a few newspapers. Should domain investors stop purchasing .mobi? How can this extension be dead when it’s still being sold at premiere domain companies? It makes me wonder about whether this is a ploy to increase the long-term value of .mobi.

I own 6 .mobi domains:,,,, and If these names were .com versions, they would make me a fortune. I would definitely take a vacation after making a sale.

The reason a few newspapers wrote negative stories on the death of the .mobi extension is because the I-Phone’s .com button may have influenced users to overlook the advantages of .mobi pages. I-Phone users are essentially being pointed to .com instead of a .mobi page, which basically sabotaged the ,mobi domain.

The only .mobi domain I tried to move was and I’m still looking to find buyers for the .mobi domains above. I feel they are good names but negative publicity is preventing an end-user or an investor from acquiring them.

I don’t hae much to lose if the .mobi extension tanks. I did happen to avoid purchasing several .mobi domains due to the negative stories. Because Sedo keeps selling .mobi domains, I’m suspect to the death of the .mobi. Only time will tell the tale of the .mobi domain extension.


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