Sedo’s issue

Every time I view the auction inventory at Sedo, seems to be featured on the list. What is the deal with that domain? is currently a Caribbean vacation website offering various travel packages. It looks like a parked page that leads visitors to vacation deals. However, I don’t think that has anything to do with travel. The website would better used to push sex changes, education, public policy, and or employment.

Physicians that specialize in that sex changes may benefit from a domain name that is specific as

Another possible consideration is to employ as an employment destination for new college graduates.Since students must adapt to the changes in the job market, they can visit the domain to locate information.

Furthermore, may also be effective in public policy. The government is always looking to alternatives to decrease spending. can reports on the changes in government programs.

Lastly, might work to help families or singles adjust to the changes associated with a relocation, job market and the mortgage crisis. These individuals are inclined to which changes they have to make in order to recover from an financial crisis.

The main reason is featured in every Sedo auction is that the owner is looking for $75,000 amount they think the domain deserves. In a domain forum, the owner of once mentioned his domain was worth $75,000.  As we know, is only ranked 1,656,493 on Alexa in worldwide traffic.

In the United States, the traffic is even worse – it ranks 601,389. Essentially, the owner has done nothing to improve the domain. There are 120 sites that link in, but that’s in result of the domain age – registered since April 6, 1995. On the contrary, there are 1267 backlinks, which is a good stat to demonstrate the success of the website in terms of the search engines. is not currently ranked on Google. I’m assuming the owner is only assessing the value of their domain using and The keyword “changes” only pulls up Tupac’s song, David Bowie’s music, and of course in the 10th position. is not even the master of its keyword. and also have good domain appraisal tools too determine the overall value attributed to performance factors.

I own a website that outperforms by a long shot, but Sedo already rejected it based on its lack of quality. This domain was once a websites, and tends to increase in traffic around the Halloween season.

What I like to know is how the owner of keeps entering their domain into every auction. They receive bids on their domain, but is not even close to the $75,000 they hope to receive. can bring in money of the name is used to promote the sex changes, public policy, education, and relocating ideas, as described above. For now, Tupac’s “Changes” song rules the Google search engine for the keyword “changes.”


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