In order to offset the cost of .com & .net, try the following approach

Every domain investor is warning other fellow domainers about the .com & .net increases on July 1st. Domainers are rushing to renew their domains for multiply years.

It sure sounds like another ploy to increase profit. We already pay tenfold on everything from gas to daily essentials. There seems to be a fee on everything. If you’re looking to wait on registering your domains until they’re due next year, then visit the link I supplied below.

You can sign up for a free coupon account that will give you discounts on Go Daddy domains, as well as 8% cashback on all purchases which are done through using the website’s link each time. It is another form of referral based credit.

You don’t have to waste your hard earned money now. This coupon is also trustworthy in terms of honoring cashback payments. Be sure that you use it each time you purchase a domain at Go Daddy.

Use the link I provided below to sign up for a free account. Once you sign up, log into the system each time you plan to make a purchase at Go Daddy. Input go Daddy in the search window. Several coupons will appear. Select one that is customized to your needs. Every coupon offers the 8% cashback bonus.

Click on the coupon, which will then reroute you to the Go Daddy website. Purchase your domains as you regularly do. If you purchase many domains at Go Daddy, you will find that this approach is lucrative.

Good luck on finding the hand registered gems.


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