Looking to submit your website or blog to search engines?

Many web users want to know what steps are required to submit a website to various search engines. You may wonder how to submit your website or blog to the popular search engines. I’ve read many posts regarding the search engine submission process.

Accessibility is the key to online success. Companies want their customers to find them. Bloggers are looking to establish a fan base. Whenever a person uses a search engine, the most popular websites will pull up on the top of the page. In addition, sponsor links are featured on top, as well.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing usually crawl the web to find credible websites. If you feel that you’re not reaching an audience, then you may consider submitting your URL to Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The following links will take to your directly to the submission page. Yahoo and Bing only require a URL submission, whereas Google asks one to submit their URL, and then input a comment describing the website.

Yahoo submission:

Google Submission:

Bing Submission:


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