The .CO Dilemma

Every large company seemed to have grabbed a hold of the new .co domain. The domain names,, and generated huge sales. For the most part, I would rather invest into .com domains. There are many good .com domain names still available.

In the past week, I find a nice e-related .com and a one word .com domain. These domains were hand registered, and already generated a nice appraisal value. in addition, I found a few travel domains, as well as two 3 character .org domains.

If you want a good domain name without having to pay a fortune for it, then invest some time into creating names that target specific products. Don’t always look for the most obvious names. I found many domains on the drop without actually using any websites to generate a lead.

I can assure you that there are plenty of good .com domain names still available. Good luck on domain investing.

Recently registered domain names:

and a few other names that generate more than 1000 monthly popular searches.

Try your luck today with a hand registration. The .co extension is much too expensive for me to purchase. If you have deeper pockets, then take a dive. You might land a nice .co domain name to expand your business.


About The Scripted
I enjoy writing for fun, as well as writing professionally. When I write, I can feel the words shaping like a puzzle. Any person can develop strong writing skills. Use criticism to fuel your writing dream. The more you write, the better you become. Good luck on your future goals.

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