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Bargain Domains is a class act

On the second day in a row, I completed another sale at Bargain Domains. I’m really happy with the auction format. When people are bidding on a specific domain, I can see their names in the bid section.

I find that showing the names of the bidders puts life into the auction. Sometimes I don’t trust these auctions where there are a flock of people bidding on a domain that was only purchased a month ago.

It seems too surreal to me that there are actually people willing to invest mid 4 figure dollars to acquire something they could have purchased for the price of registration.

I question the validity if these auctions that seem to have constant bidders going after names that were owned by past companies and bloggers.

When I try to put a domain up on this system, I can’t seem to make it past the posting stage. The system is too unstable to move forward with constant system errors. After the tenth time, I gave up on listing a domain.

Bargain Domains makes it easy to list items. I never have any problems listing domains in the site, as I currently have 49 domains on the website right now.

Another good benefit with buying and selling on Bargain Domains is their communication. Francois sends an immediate e-mail after an auction closes. He provides steps that are easy, and is a very respectable owner.

Once the domain is pushed over to an account, the payment is sent quickly. I feel that Bargain Domains benefits a seller and a buyer. Everyone wins in the process. I urge domain investors to buy or sell on Bargain Domains.

I will continue to sell and will also look to buy domains there. Bargain Domains is a class act in the domain industry. They’re in business to work with buyers and sellers to ensure a fair auction format.

Bargain Domains

My domains are up for sale on Bargain Domains

Domain Names

Bargain Domains
Credit to Bargain Domains for the box design that is shown in user accounts.

Made First Sale at Bargain Domains

For the past several months I’ve tried to sell domains on Bargain Domains. Each time my listings closed without a sale. When the new auction format took effect, I thought of the new change as a strategy to move some of my older domains, making room for some new additions.

Yesterday, I just completed my first sale at Bargain Domains. The buyer fired the first bid 5 days ago. He ended up being the only bidder, but I was still excited about making a sale. The first time I noticed the domain in the auction, it was one of those instance where I couldn’t believe my eyes.

When you’re trying so hard to make a sale in an auction, and then you finally accomplish that feat, I consider that a gratifying moment. The domain name is something that we can all relate, and one that is definitely memorable. It produces millions of searches, and generates over 100,000+ monthly searches for the exact keywords.

Both the buyer, Bargain Domains, and myself all benefited from the sale. Although Bargain Domains made very little in commission, they won my respect and business. I plan to sell, and bid on some nice domains there.

After trying hard to sell a domain on Bargain Domains, I finally accomplished my long-term goal in making a sale. Currently I have another domain sitting in Bargain Domains auction right at this very moment. While the bidder hasn’t reached the reserve, I have reason to believe the domain will end with a sale.

Never give up on trying to attain your goals – no matter how big or small they may be. You never know when an opportunity will arrive. I never expected to make a sale, or to even attract the interest of another buyer on Bargain Domains. I thought that the website reduced the prices of domain submissions far too low.

As I learned more about the industry, many domains are not always going to sell at their appraisal value because the market determines the value. The appraisal system serves as a tool to provide an estimated value based on the value of the keywords.

Bargain Domains gives you several chances to make a sale. Domain owners can list domains at a “buy it now” and with a minimum reserve. The “buy it now” option gives the buyer a better chance to acquire a domain right away instead of taking a chance in an auction.

Bargain Domains format makes it fair for both the buyer and the seller. Whether you’re trying to make a sale or looking to purchase a domain, the prices are set at a good amount. They’re definitely fair on the buying and selling side.

What I discovered in my recent sale is that .us extensions do have some interest. Not only was this domain sale my first at Bargain Domains, but I also moved my first .us domain.I never thought I could generate any interest on a .us domain.

I did invest in many .us names that produce many searches. I consider my .us inventory as a nice additional to my domain portfolio. I own .us names that are in travel, credit, medical, one word, and in many other categories. In the past few months my .com collection surged away ahead of all my other extensions.

Bargain Domains gives the buyer and seller an option to generate a sale or to purchase a domain. Sellers can pick and choose which domains to put up for sale on the website.

When a seller makes a sale, it benefits all parties involved in the transaction. Domain owners don’t have to pay $4.99 for a reserve price, or wait for a team to approve their domain submissions.

Bargain Domains implements a fair system that allows any domain owner to list many domains. I currently have 49 domains listed on the website right now. They’re some good domains that have a lot of room to grow. If you haven’t already, list or buy a few domains at Bargain Domains.

The commission rate is only 7%. I was able to transfer the domain to the buyer a few hours after the auction closed. Francois send me an e-mail to congratulate me on the sale. He mentioned that he received payment, and that I would need to transfer or push the domain to the buyer. I received a payment shortly after midnight.

Newcomers should consider listing their domains on the website to make their first sale. After you make your first sale at an auction, you’ll find it to be a exhilarating experience.

I’m really happy I made a sale on Bargain Domains. The auction website is an awesome place to list, and to purchase domains. Francois has done a nice job with offering sellers and buyers an opportunity to monitor the auction activity, as well as to increase their chance at becoming successful. I’m sure that the frequency of sales Bargain Domains will continue to be a big hit in the domain auction industry.

Good luck to everyone that chooses Bargain Domains.

Bargain Domains

***My next goal is to be approved for a Sedo auction. The quality criteria is a stage that I can’t seem to move past. I determine that I should wait until my domains age before submitting them.

One possible problem is that many domain submissions are too new to generate any quality interest. I’m up for the next challenge.

Good luck on making a sale or buying a great domain at Bargain Domains.

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There are 5 Go Daddy coupons on the site. Be sure to use either one of the four coupons or the cashback only option. If you use the cashback option, and then enter another code, the cashback will cancel out.

Finding the right domains

There are many domain investors that wish they could go back to the 90’s. Why wish for the 90’s? You can buy the right domains now to make a profit in the future. Set aside some time to look for good domain names. How do you find the right domain names?

I look at many factors in a domain name. I usually target the CPC. Education, law, credit, debt, medical, and loans tend to have the highest CPC. Another factor is the language of a domain. I try to keep the name as generic as possible without adding anything irrelevant to the domain name.

There are many domains out there that have words like the “greatest” “big” and other such headliners. I wouldn’t mind owning or However, many domain investors overuse the words.

Pay special attention to the .us extensions. There are many unregistered .us names that hold nice appraisal value. I found some that are salable even before registering them. I used to register many .us domain names, but I never could make a sale.

Recently, one of my .us domains was pushed into an auction. I was surprised to see the name in an auction, considering that most auctions in the past denied nearly 100 of my domains. Since then, I learned how to buy the right domains. I’m confident that I bought the right domains before.

I purchased many domains that others passed up on before. But these same people are now looking to buy the domains. I find it kind of strange that domain sales occur at different times of the month.

There was a moment in time where it took me 3 months to make a sale. Now my technique is much better. Mostly all the sales took place at the end of the month. The right domains are sitting unregistered in a domain company. You have to be creative with a domain name.

I recently registered a few one word domains that are popular in their field. I wouldn’t say they’re valuable, but they have the potential to generate major interest in the near future. On the other hand, I have a few dozens domain names that can easily produce a sale.

It’s best to buy two word domains. Find a popular field. Pick words that fit together, and have a decent appraisal value. Use Valuate or Estibot to generate keyword stat results. Don’t look too much at the appraisal value. The domain may either word under valued or over valued.

What really matters is the market. Who do you think will be interested in the domain name.? Will a company want to acquire the domain to forward traffic or to develop a mini site? A few 3 digit .co and .org domains are sitting around in the unregistered pile.

When you register new domain names, use a business frame of mind. While writing this post, I found two .com domains that appraise for more than $500. These are highly popular domain names that people overlooked.

These domain names target a specific product. Every time you make a sale, try to invest the money back into acquiring more domains. If you’re offered $50 for a domain name, consider taking that amount if the name has little market value.

Use the search engine to help you search for domain names. Remember; think like a business, and don’t focus too much on the appraisal value. There are many factors such as keyword results and popular searches that help to determine the overall value of a domain name.

Try your best to locate two word domains. If you’re looking for long-tailed domains, choose ones that target education. “Online” as part of any domain name will generate nice CPC, that is if the service is popular online.

Good luck on your search.

The value of having the .com

When I first started domaining, I purchased many .com domains that made up key phrases or that targeted the New York City brand.

Many websites tricked me into buying .us and .net domains. I assumed that since these domains generated high appraisal value, that people would actually buy them. However, I was never successful with making a sale.

I managed to sell domains that I bought before I knew about the importance of keywords. These domains fetched some good prices.

I wasted too much time trying to buy various extentions beyond the .com. I once purchased an abundance of hyphenated NYC brand domains because one appraisal system overstated their value.

I even purchased reversed order donains. This occured due to an industry leading domain company having an ineffective price suggestion system.

I read many blogs and asked a ton of questions. One highly respected domain owner took the time to review my domain portfolio.

He told me that I needed to but better names, and they should be .com names unless .net and others extensions were too good to pass up.

I did happen to change my approach to think like a business. I asked myself what names would a business want?

Essentially, I went after city hotel names, apartments, rentals, and restaurants. I purchased different variations of city names, and so forth.

I bought hiking domains, whitewater rafting domains and nature-related domains. My collection continued to grow. I now feel much more confident about domain investors. I know how to operate as a domain investor and as a domain flipper.

I made many mistakes with buying some names, but I’m glad I did because I located various names that I sold to various companies.

You never know which names will generate a quick sale and which ones may take a few years to build into something big.

When it comes to .com domains, make sure you find the best ones out in your hometown. Always look to purchase the .com. Anthony regarding community services, cities and education make good .org domains.

I tried so hard to sell the .net domains, but none of then garnished any attention. I sat into several offices with no such luck.

The .com is always an easy sale. If I owned the .com version, I would have sold the domain name on the spot.

You have to look at the .com from the perspective that it’s the most popular and respected extension. If you want to invest in your city, buy the .com and .org extension, whereas .net and .info ate good as a national and an international brand.

For example, is a great domain to forward traffic to a coupon that provides the same exact service. will likely work to generate traffic to a collision repair center.

Anything other than the .com works well for 3 character, exact generic names, widespread brands such as, and other products and services that are popular.

If you live in a small city, buy only the .com. You can buy different variations of the .org for your city name. I’m telling you this right now because .net is a tough sale. The .us is also another challenge.

If you an I-Phone, you can type in a name without the extension, which will automatically go to the .com. There’s a .com key on the phone, as well.

Most people looking for an exact hotel may use their favorite brand, search across the net using search engines and type in the (city name) Companies that own these names are able to use these names to build traffic.

Purchasing good domain names is much cheaper than advertising. The Internet is the wave of the future. Good domain names are going to be much harder to find.

I know that i’ve come a long way. I used to make a list of all the domains I planned to buy and ones that I previously purchased or passes up on. People would buy the domains I elected not to purchase, demonstrating that I know what areas were popular.

Now I’m looking for the high profile names. When I arrive at Frank Schilling’s sales page, I know that I’m thinking like a business person.

Frank owns I own He owns I own

While Frank may have purchased many of these names several years ago, I’m still finding good variations which are sitting around unclaimed. What I’m suggesting is to research different variations.

I will never own, but I do happen to have,,, and many other good names. I never let a good domain name prevent me from finding another variation.

There are endless possibilities out in the world of domains. Domain names are like ideas. People are always writing new books, scripts, films, and investing new products. That goes to show that names are readily available.

You might have to sit up late at night trying to find names, but it’s well worth the time and investment.

I might have many mistakes with purchasing reverse order domains and investing too heavily in NYC, however I’m glad I did because many of my sales came from those regions.

You never learn until you make a mistake. Learning is the key to becoming successful. Buy the .com in small cities, and go after the lesser extentions in a bigger market.

I found I’m sure I’ll be able to sell that domain in the next 6 months. Don’t pass up on the .net in large markets such as NYC and any product or service across the globe.

Education, loans, credit, health treatment, debt, property, law and other popular areas demand wide attention. Try your best to invest in the .com.