Exact Keyword Match

Many domain owners tend to tell others that their domain pulls up millions of Google searches. What they fail to mention is that many of those searches are skewed. In order to determine the exact keyword match, one has to put the keywords in parenthesis.

Google tends to pull up various keywords many times over again. When one puts the keywords in parenthesis, then they can determine how many times the exact keywords are searched for on Google.

For example, the keywords 1932 Quarter turns up 5,260,000 Google results, however, placing the keywords “1932 Quarter” only generates 19,300 exact matches. 1932 Quarter is a popular coin that generates a few thousands popular searches per month, suggesting that a small number of keyword searches doesn’t determine the actual value of the keywords.

Always place parenthesis around the keywords to find the exact keyword match in Google. Don’t listen to domain owners that mention that their domain generates millions of Google results. There’s a difference between 12 millions keyword results as opposed to 20,000.

However, generic domains that target a specific service or product are still worth the investment. These domains can serve as revenue generators, especially when one elects to add affiliate banners on their website.


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