Elite Domain Investors as Elitists

I usually look to Domaining.com’s newsletter for information on domain investing. I spend a great deal of time researching important domain tips to aid me in acquiring new domains.

I won’t name any domain blog owners, but I have come across a few that seem to treat me with less respect than I return to them.

It really frustrates me, especially when I have provided thoughtful content to aid them in writing their articles. After I write posts, I noticed that what I write tends to inspire the next article. This has happened at least a few times.

In the academic world, this process would be known as plagiarism. In the domain industry, blog owners depend on their fans to inspire their work.

I mentioned Alexa traffic, chatroulette, and a few other references in my comments. I don’t mind when my ideas ate used to write articles.

However, I dislike the way I’m treated when I leave comments. The blog owner has decided to deny my comments. They even accused me of spamming, which I found to be an insult.

I don’t need to spam to get results. I’m confident about my domain investing approach. I managed to make a few sales based on the techniques offered in this blog. I gave credit to the blog owner for inspiring me to become a better domain investor.

For the most part, I adjusted the blog owner’s selling strategy to generate interest. After the blog owner rejected my recent posts, I decided my time is better spent writing on Domain Madness.

I refuse to be treated like I’m a kid. I have spent many long nights researching the domain industry. While I may lack the funds to purchase high profile domain names, I do happen to come across some nice unregistered domain ls.

I understand how the domain industry works in regards to the search engine and end-user demand. There’s always a new tip that opens me to new opportunities within the domain industry.

I don’t dislike the blog owner. He has taught me to become a better domain investor. He changed his perspective about helping me. I no longer need the coaching to choose good domain names.

Another domain leader took the l time out of their busy schedule to coach me on how to choose good domain names. They told me to focus on registering .com domain names. He noted that I should target businesses.

Because of this domain leader, I have learned to choose good domain names. On the contrary, I registered good domain names in the past. I sold a handful of domain names that I sold to end-users. These were domains that targeted specific businesses.

Beside these two domain leaders, I have found it hard to receive any respondes from any other domain investors.

I owe my short-term domain investing success to Domaining.com, and the two domain leaders that made it possible for me to succeed.

Are many elite domain investors trying to keep others from suceeding? It sure seems that way. They try to avoid sharing various selling tips and buying tips. There’s always going to be competition in every industry.

I hope to become a better domain investor. I want to help newcomers learn about the domain industry. Domaining is definitely an interesting hobby that requires a lot of work.

In essence, elite domain leaders are sometimes secretive about their techniques because maybe sharing too much information will compromise their strategy.

Have you ever experienced a issue with an elite domain investor? Share your thoughts.


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I enjoy writing for fun, as well as writing professionally. When I write, I can feel the words shaping like a puzzle. Any person can develop strong writing skills. Use criticism to fuel your writing dream. The more you write, the better you become. Good luck on your future goals.

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