Good hand registered domains still exist

Resume domains are a hot commodity in the domain industry. Recent sales of at $66,000 and ResumeService at $28,000 show that a business is willing to fork out the dough to improve their business.

Many domainers overlook the value of resume domains. They tend to sit on the sidelines to wait for others to make sales. However, these domainers are missing out. They should have gone after resume domains last year.

Resume domainers, preferably dot com, are in demand. It is easy to find a buyer for resume domains. You should be looking in the resume and job space.

Think of domains that are attractive to a market base. Resume and job domains are good long-term investments. Also consider securing movie and cloud domains.

Don’t wait for domain blogs to tell you what to buy. They’re usually in the business of making money. They want your traffic to satisfy their ad sponsors.

However, I never see any of these domain blogs telling you what to buy besides Shane takes the time to inform you about dropped domains in auctions. The rest of the domain blogs write like corporate business entities.

I’m telling you right now to buy resume, job, movie and cloud domains. Acquire the dot com to increase your sales.

There are many dot com that have sold at high prices, even with all the extensions available. Be a smart domain investor. Don’t depend on another domainer to help you succeed.

Read articles and limit your domain blog comments. You should produce good results. Good luck.


About The Scripted
I enjoy writing for fun, as well as writing professionally. When I write, I can feel the words shaping like a puzzle. Any person can develop strong writing skills. Use criticism to fuel your writing dream. The more you write, the better you become. Good luck on your future goals.

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