Bargain Domains is a class act

On the second day in a row, I completed another sale at Bargain Domains. I’m really happy with the auction format. When people are bidding on a specific domain, I can see their names in the bid section.

I find that showing the names of the bidders puts life into the auction. Sometimes I don’t trust these auctions where there are a flock of people bidding on a domain that was only purchased a month ago.

It seems too surreal to me that there are actually people willing to invest mid 4 figure dollars to acquire something they could have purchased for the price of registration.

I question the validity if these auctions that seem to have constant bidders going after names that were owned by past companies and bloggers.

When I try to put a domain up on this system, I can’t seem to make it past the posting stage. The system is too unstable to move forward with constant system errors. After the tenth time, I gave up on listing a domain.

Bargain Domains makes it easy to list items. I never have any problems listing domains in the site, as I currently have 49 domains on the website right now.

Another good benefit with buying and selling on Bargain Domains is their communication. Francois sends an immediate e-mail after an auction closes. He provides steps that are easy, and is a very respectable owner.

Once the domain is pushed over to an account, the payment is sent quickly. I feel that Bargain Domains benefits a seller and a buyer. Everyone wins in the process. I urge domain investors to buy or sell on Bargain Domains.

I will continue to sell and will also look to buy domains there. Bargain Domains is a class act in the domain industry. They’re in business to work with buyers and sellers to ensure a fair auction format.

Bargain Domains


Domains up for Sale at a Fraction of their Appraisal

Domain Name BIN Reserve Listing Date Listing Duration Auction Duration $550 $210 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $350 $140 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $300 $120 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $270 $110 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $240 $90 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $230 $90 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $230 $90 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $210 $80 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $170 $60 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $170 $60 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $160 $60 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $160 $60 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $150 $60 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $110 $50 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $110 $50 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $110 $50 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $100 $50 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $90 $50 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $90 $50 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $80 $50 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days $70 $50 7/24/2010 30 days 5 days

Bargain Domains

Another newly registered domain receives a high bid

Today I found another domain that was only registered this past March. The domain received a $1000 bid.

The domain is valued at less than $50. It doesn’t produce any stats. Most of my domains are set at a fixed price. Sedo recommends a fix price, noting that domains sell three to four times faster.

Since I uploaded a domain at Sedo, I have never sold a domain at a fixed price, unless I provided a link to the domain.

It puzzles me that a domains based on speculation are fetching 4 figure prices.

I own hundreds of domains which can sell for 4 figures. Many of these are extremely popular keywords. I have never sold any domains above $320.

There has to be some sort of technique to find a bidder. I have over 400 domains listed at Sedo.

Sedo suggests that setting fixed prices are the fastest way to make a sale. In my opinion, setting fixed prices are the worst way to sell a domain. It’s much more easier to ask have interest people to make an offer. I use the “make an offer” technique when I craft e-mails to push a domain.

Furthermore, domain owners should always communicate the advantages in using a domain. In order to make a sale, you have to build value into the domain.

Pay attention to Sedo and Go Daddy auctions. Keep track of what the new owner does with the domain. Are these domains used to forward traffic or developed into websites?

The best advice I can offer is to find domain names that you would purchase if you owned a business in that particular market. I assure you that there are thousands of unregistered domains that are still available.

Good luck.

Why some domains produce a sale

I read various blogs and look at what domain investors and companies are bidding on. On Sedo, I came across This domain barely produces any stats, if not any at all. The domain is about two years old. Guess what?

The owner was able to find someone to make them an offer at $1600+ on the domain, Its puzzling to me how a domain that is not even worth 5% of that value receives a bid for that amount. The owner barely put any work in describing the domain.

It’s another one of those situations where less work produces double the results. I write a ton just to convince a buyer to pay 20% of the amount this owner is receiving on a domain that has no relevant searches. In Google, the domain produces only 500,000 results.

When this domain is typed into an appraisal system, it pulls up as being worth $75.  There has to be some kind of strategy to finding a buyer to pay over 20 times the value for a domain that is based on speculation.

The domain has no traffic ranking and no Google Page rank. Furthermore, the domain is parked at Sedo, offering no content. To ask $1600+ based on speculation is far too much for this domain.

I have to call companies, write hundreds of e-mails, and set up meetings to make pocket change. Some of these domains owners at Sedo are making a fortune with putting in no work. I never understand how some domains produce a sale, especially when they lack content.

I’m thinking that producing a sale is based on luck. Some people have a better chance to make a sale, while others must put in a ton of work to generate little results. I won’t let a domain such as the one selling for $1600+ keep me from duplicating the same exact results.

There has to be a way to receive an offer on one of my 500 domains, which I can then push the domain into the marketplace auction. I assure you that there are many domains in the auction that are less appealing than what I own now.

Maybe I can generate some interest on generates far better results, as compared to the domain that has a current $1600 bid. I’m assuming that it takes luck to be offered 20 times the value of what a domain is actually worth.

Another strategy that one can use is to contact the new owner regarding a similar domain you want to offer them. Ask them to make you a reasonable offer, and continue to follow-up with them until the deal closes.

Persistence is the key to making every sale a success.

My Domains are presently in an auction

If you’re interested in acquiring nicely appraised domain names to start a business or to enter the domain name industry as an investor, please take a look at the domain names below.

The auction offers interested buyers the opportunity to exercise the BIN (Buy It Now) feature. There are times when another bidder may outbid you on a domain. BIN speeds up the process, giving you instant access to the domain name. Good luck!

Domain Name BIN Reserve Last Bid Bids Status $6,500 $1,300 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $1,550 $620 $0 0 Listed from 6/8/2010 $1,500 $600 $0 0 Listed from 6/12/2010 $750 $300 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $475 $180 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $475 $190 $0 0 Listed from 6/12/2010 $425 $150 $0 0 Listed from 6/27/2010 $425 $170 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $400 $160 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $375 $150 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $350 $140 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $350 $140 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $300 $120 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $275 $110 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $275 $110 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $237 $90 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $190 $70 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $182 $70 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $160 $60 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $147 $48 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $147 $50 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $127 $50 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $127 $50 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $120 $40 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $117 $40 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $95 $30 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $87 $30 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $77 $28 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010

Bargain Domains

In order to offset the cost of .com & .net, try the following approach

Every domain investor is warning other fellow domainers about the .com & .net increases on July 1st. Domainers are rushing to renew their domains for multiply years.

It sure sounds like another ploy to increase profit. We already pay tenfold on everything from gas to daily essentials. There seems to be a fee on everything. If you’re looking to wait on registering your domains until they’re due next year, then visit the link I supplied below.

You can sign up for a free coupon account that will give you discounts on Go Daddy domains, as well as 8% cashback on all purchases which are done through using the website’s link each time. It is another form of referral based credit.

You don’t have to waste your hard earned money now. This coupon is also trustworthy in terms of honoring cashback payments. Be sure that you use it each time you purchase a domain at Go Daddy.

Use the link I provided below to sign up for a free account. Once you sign up, log into the system each time you plan to make a purchase at Go Daddy. Input go Daddy in the search window. Several coupons will appear. Select one that is customized to your needs. Every coupon offers the 8% cashback bonus.

Click on the coupon, which will then reroute you to the Go Daddy website. Purchase your domains as you regularly do. If you purchase many domains at Go Daddy, you will find that this approach is lucrative.

Good luck on finding the hand registered gems.

Sedo’s issue

Every time I view the auction inventory at Sedo, seems to be featured on the list. What is the deal with that domain? is currently a Caribbean vacation website offering various travel packages. It looks like a parked page that leads visitors to vacation deals. However, I don’t think that has anything to do with travel. The website would better used to push sex changes, education, public policy, and or employment.

Physicians that specialize in that sex changes may benefit from a domain name that is specific as

Another possible consideration is to employ as an employment destination for new college graduates.Since students must adapt to the changes in the job market, they can visit the domain to locate information.

Furthermore, may also be effective in public policy. The government is always looking to alternatives to decrease spending. can reports on the changes in government programs.

Lastly, might work to help families or singles adjust to the changes associated with a relocation, job market and the mortgage crisis. These individuals are inclined to which changes they have to make in order to recover from an financial crisis.

The main reason is featured in every Sedo auction is that the owner is looking for $75,000 amount they think the domain deserves. In a domain forum, the owner of once mentioned his domain was worth $75,000.  As we know, is only ranked 1,656,493 on Alexa in worldwide traffic.

In the United States, the traffic is even worse – it ranks 601,389. Essentially, the owner has done nothing to improve the domain. There are 120 sites that link in, but that’s in result of the domain age – registered since April 6, 1995. On the contrary, there are 1267 backlinks, which is a good stat to demonstrate the success of the website in terms of the search engines. is not currently ranked on Google. I’m assuming the owner is only assessing the value of their domain using and The keyword “changes” only pulls up Tupac’s song, David Bowie’s music, and of course in the 10th position. is not even the master of its keyword. and also have good domain appraisal tools too determine the overall value attributed to performance factors.

I own a website that outperforms by a long shot, but Sedo already rejected it based on its lack of quality. This domain was once a websites, and tends to increase in traffic around the Halloween season.

What I like to know is how the owner of keeps entering their domain into every auction. They receive bids on their domain, but is not even close to the $75,000 they hope to receive. can bring in money of the name is used to promote the sex changes, public policy, education, and relocating ideas, as described above. For now, Tupac’s “Changes” song rules the Google search engine for the keyword “changes.”