Finding the right domains

There are many domain investors that wish they could go back to the 90’s. Why wish for the 90’s? You can buy the right domains now to make a profit in the future. Set aside some time to look for good domain names. How do you find the right domain names?

I look at many factors in a domain name. I usually target the CPC. Education, law, credit, debt, medical, and loans tend to have the highest CPC. Another factor is the language of a domain. I try to keep the name as generic as possible without adding anything irrelevant to the domain name.

There are many domains out there that have words like the “greatest” “big” and other such headliners. I wouldn’t mind owning or However, many domain investors overuse the words.

Pay special attention to the .us extensions. There are many unregistered .us names that hold nice appraisal value. I found some that are salable even before registering them. I used to register many .us domain names, but I never could make a sale.

Recently, one of my .us domains was pushed into an auction. I was surprised to see the name in an auction, considering that most auctions in the past denied nearly 100 of my domains. Since then, I learned how to buy the right domains. I’m confident that I bought the right domains before.

I purchased many domains that others passed up on before. But these same people are now looking to buy the domains. I find it kind of strange that domain sales occur at different times of the month.

There was a moment in time where it took me 3 months to make a sale. Now my technique is much better. Mostly all the sales took place at the end of the month. The right domains are sitting unregistered in a domain company. You have to be creative with a domain name.

I recently registered a few one word domains that are popular in their field. I wouldn’t say they’re valuable, but they have the potential to generate major interest in the near future. On the other hand, I have a few dozens domain names that can easily produce a sale.

It’s best to buy two word domains. Find a popular field. Pick words that fit together, and have a decent appraisal value. Use Valuate or Estibot to generate keyword stat results. Don’t look too much at the appraisal value. The domain may either word under valued or over valued.

What really matters is the market. Who do you think will be interested in the domain name.? Will a company want to acquire the domain to forward traffic or to develop a mini site? A few 3 digit .co and .org domains are sitting around in the unregistered pile.

When you register new domain names, use a business frame of mind. While writing this post, I found two .com domains that appraise for more than $500. These are highly popular domain names that people overlooked.

These domain names target a specific product. Every time you make a sale, try to invest the money back into acquiring more domains. If you’re offered $50 for a domain name, consider taking that amount if the name has little market value.

Use the search engine to help you search for domain names. Remember; think like a business, and don’t focus too much on the appraisal value. There are many factors such as keyword results and popular searches that help to determine the overall value of a domain name.

Try your best to locate two word domains. If you’re looking for long-tailed domains, choose ones that target education. “Online” as part of any domain name will generate nice CPC, that is if the service is popular online.

Good luck on your search.


The .CO Dilemma

Every large company seemed to have grabbed a hold of the new .co domain. The domain names,, and generated huge sales. For the most part, I would rather invest into .com domains. There are many good .com domain names still available.

In the past week, I find a nice e-related .com and a one word .com domain. These domains were hand registered, and already generated a nice appraisal value. in addition, I found a few travel domains, as well as two 3 character .org domains.

If you want a good domain name without having to pay a fortune for it, then invest some time into creating names that target specific products. Don’t always look for the most obvious names. I found many domains on the drop without actually using any websites to generate a lead.

I can assure you that there are plenty of good .com domain names still available. Good luck on domain investing.

Recently registered domain names:

and a few other names that generate more than 1000 monthly popular searches.

Try your luck today with a hand registration. The .co extension is much too expensive for me to purchase. If you have deeper pockets, then take a dive. You might land a nice .co domain name to expand your business.

My Domains are presently in an auction

If you’re interested in acquiring nicely appraised domain names to start a business or to enter the domain name industry as an investor, please take a look at the domain names below.

The auction offers interested buyers the opportunity to exercise the BIN (Buy It Now) feature. There are times when another bidder may outbid you on a domain. BIN speeds up the process, giving you instant access to the domain name. Good luck!

Domain Name BIN Reserve Last Bid Bids Status $6,500 $1,300 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $1,550 $620 $0 0 Listed from 6/8/2010 $1,500 $600 $0 0 Listed from 6/12/2010 $750 $300 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $475 $180 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $475 $190 $0 0 Listed from 6/12/2010 $425 $150 $0 0 Listed from 6/27/2010 $425 $170 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $400 $160 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $375 $150 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $350 $140 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $350 $140 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $300 $120 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $275 $110 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $275 $110 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $237 $90 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $190 $70 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $182 $70 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $160 $60 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $147 $48 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $147 $50 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $127 $50 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $127 $50 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $120 $40 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $117 $40 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $95 $30 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $87 $30 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010 $77 $28 $0 0 Listed from 7/1/2010

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