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Spelling long tailed domains

In the domain industry, spelling can mean the difference between owning a valuable domain or being stuck with a worthless domain.

Several months ago I purchased hundreds of domains. One domain, in particular, was targeted toward Niagara Falls.

I thought that I found the perfect domain. Recently, I discovered that I spelled Niagra Falls wrong.

The domain contained a very minor mispelling. Instead of spelling the domain, I made the mistake of spelling the domain name as

The domain appraises for $330. However, the right spelling is the difference between owning a $1500-2000 and a $330 domain.

Luckily the domain was already registered several years ago. The midsake was minor, which is a common spelling error.

You have to be very careful with spelling long tailed domains. One mistake can definitely ruin a long-term investment. I recently purchased several long tailed domains targeting my graduate program.

Essentially, I plan to cover the entire graduate in its entirety. Students will have the opportunity to visit the websites to locate information.

I double-checked the long tailed domains for spellling. My main goal was to find name variations that generate high CPC competition rates. Some registered CPC rates as high as $16.

Even the medical domains produced extremely high CPC rates. One of the domains produced a $26.50 CPC rate. However, the domain appraised for only $5. The keywords are commonly referenced in Google.

Surely enough, I’m confident that I can make a nice income with the domain. Always check your spelling to ensure spelling accuracy.

When you resale the domain to an end-user and or another domain investor, one muspelled word in a long tailed domain will likely compromise its value.

To be sure, copy and past the domain name into Google. Place parenthesis around the keywords to find the exact keywords used in conjunction with the content.

It’s very easy to make spelling mistakes. Catch these mistakes before submitting the domain name for registration. Making one spelling error will easily ruin the long-term value of a domain name. Good luck!


3 character domains are hard to find. I have tried many times to look for good 3 character domains.

Yesterday I located two .co 3 character domains, but only registered the better of the two. After searching for 10 minutes, I located

The domain’s initials represents a government term known as “Quick Response Time.” As a writer, there are many ways to use this domain.

I’m definitely lucky to locate a nice 3 character .co.

Another newly registered domain receives a high bid

Today I found another domain that was only registered this past March. The domain received a $1000 bid.

The domain is valued at less than $50. It doesn’t produce any stats. Most of my domains are set at a fixed price. Sedo recommends a fix price, noting that domains sell three to four times faster.

Since I uploaded a domain at Sedo, I have never sold a domain at a fixed price, unless I provided a link to the domain.

It puzzles me that a domains based on speculation are fetching 4 figure prices.

I own hundreds of domains which can sell for 4 figures. Many of these are extremely popular keywords. I have never sold any domains above $320.

There has to be some sort of technique to find a bidder. I have over 400 domains listed at Sedo.

Sedo suggests that setting fixed prices are the fastest way to make a sale. In my opinion, setting fixed prices are the worst way to sell a domain. It’s much more easier to ask have interest people to make an offer. I use the “make an offer” technique when I craft e-mails to push a domain.

Furthermore, domain owners should always communicate the advantages in using a domain. In order to make a sale, you have to build value into the domain.

Pay attention to Sedo and Go Daddy auctions. Keep track of what the new owner does with the domain. Are these domains used to forward traffic or developed into websites?

The best advice I can offer is to find domain names that you would purchase if you owned a business in that particular market. I assure you that there are thousands of unregistered domains that are still available.

Good luck.

Sedo’s issue

Every time I view the auction inventory at Sedo, seems to be featured on the list. What is the deal with that domain? is currently a Caribbean vacation website offering various travel packages. It looks like a parked page that leads visitors to vacation deals. However, I don’t think that has anything to do with travel. The website would better used to push sex changes, education, public policy, and or employment.

Physicians that specialize in that sex changes may benefit from a domain name that is specific as

Another possible consideration is to employ as an employment destination for new college graduates.Since students must adapt to the changes in the job market, they can visit the domain to locate information.

Furthermore, may also be effective in public policy. The government is always looking to alternatives to decrease spending. can reports on the changes in government programs.

Lastly, might work to help families or singles adjust to the changes associated with a relocation, job market and the mortgage crisis. These individuals are inclined to which changes they have to make in order to recover from an financial crisis.

The main reason is featured in every Sedo auction is that the owner is looking for $75,000 amount they think the domain deserves. In a domain forum, the owner of once mentioned his domain was worth $75,000.  As we know, is only ranked 1,656,493 on Alexa in worldwide traffic.

In the United States, the traffic is even worse – it ranks 601,389. Essentially, the owner has done nothing to improve the domain. There are 120 sites that link in, but that’s in result of the domain age – registered since April 6, 1995. On the contrary, there are 1267 backlinks, which is a good stat to demonstrate the success of the website in terms of the search engines. is not currently ranked on Google. I’m assuming the owner is only assessing the value of their domain using and The keyword “changes” only pulls up Tupac’s song, David Bowie’s music, and of course in the 10th position. is not even the master of its keyword. and also have good domain appraisal tools too determine the overall value attributed to performance factors.

I own a website that outperforms by a long shot, but Sedo already rejected it based on its lack of quality. This domain was once a websites, and tends to increase in traffic around the Halloween season.

What I like to know is how the owner of keeps entering their domain into every auction. They receive bids on their domain, but is not even close to the $75,000 they hope to receive. can bring in money of the name is used to promote the sex changes, public policy, education, and relocating ideas, as described above. For now, Tupac’s “Changes” song rules the Google search engine for the keyword “changes.”

I don’t usually ask others to help me, but….

I own hundreds of domains. I listed a few up for sale on Domain Madness and Suisun Blog. I will need your help to make my graduation next weekend. I worked 3 years to earn my graduate degree.

While others may ask for donations, I’m looking to sell some of domains. Essentially, I’m offering an investment, as well as an acknowledgment of a good deed. In return, I will write an article to thank all those who help me on my blogs, and at a few of my hosted domains.

Please browse my inventory. I have other cool domains that are not listed on my blogs. Inquire within if you’re looking for a specific domain name. I haven’t give up yet on the graduation ceremony, but it is looking rather grim that I won’t be attending next Saturday, June 26.

I will appreciate any help that will lead me to my graduation. Thank you!

Are .mobi domains still a good investment?

I read about the death of .mobi on several blogs, as well as in a few newspapers. Should domain investors stop purchasing .mobi? How can this extension be dead when it’s still being sold at premiere domain companies? It makes me wonder about whether this is a ploy to increase the long-term value of .mobi.

I own 6 .mobi domains:,,,, and If these names were .com versions, they would make me a fortune. I would definitely take a vacation after making a sale.

The reason a few newspapers wrote negative stories on the death of the .mobi extension is because the I-Phone’s .com button may have influenced users to overlook the advantages of .mobi pages. I-Phone users are essentially being pointed to .com instead of a .mobi page, which basically sabotaged the ,mobi domain.

The only .mobi domain I tried to move was and I’m still looking to find buyers for the .mobi domains above. I feel they are good names but negative publicity is preventing an end-user or an investor from acquiring them.

I don’t hae much to lose if the .mobi extension tanks. I did happen to avoid purchasing several .mobi domains due to the negative stories. Because Sedo keeps selling .mobi domains, I’m suspect to the death of the .mobi. Only time will tell the tale of the .mobi domain extension.