Why some domains produce a sale

I read various blogs and look at what domain investors and companies are bidding on. On Sedo, I came across climatepredicitons.org. This domain barely produces any stats, if not any at all. The domain is about two years old. Guess what?

The owner was able to find someone to make them an offer at $1600+ on the domain, Its puzzling to me how a domain that is not even worth 5% of that value receives a bid for that amount. The owner barely put any work in describing the domain.

It’s another one of those situations where less work produces double the results. I write a ton just to convince a buyer to pay 20% of the amount this owner is receiving on a domain that has no relevant searches. In Google, the domain produces only 500,000 results.

When this domain is typed into an appraisal system, it pulls up as being worth $75.  There has to be some kind of strategy to finding a buyer to pay over 20 times the value for a domain that is based on speculation.

The domain has no traffic ranking and no Google Page rank. Furthermore, the domain is parked at Sedo, offering no content. To ask $1600+ based on speculation is far too much for this domain.

I have to call companies, write hundreds of e-mails, and set up meetings to make pocket change. Some of these domains owners at Sedo are making a fortune with putting in no work. I never understand how some domains produce a sale, especially when they lack content.

I’m thinking that producing a sale is based on luck. Some people have a better chance to make a sale, while others must put in a ton of work to generate little results. I won’t let a domain such as the one selling for $1600+ keep me from duplicating the same exact results.

There has to be a way to receive an offer on one of my 500 domains, which I can then push the domain into the marketplace auction. I assure you that there are many domains in the auction that are less appealing than what I own now.

Maybe I can generate some interest on trafficfines.org. TrafficFines.org generates far better results, as compared to the domain that has a current $1600 bid. I’m assuming that it takes luck to be offered 20 times the value of what a domain is actually worth.

Another strategy that one can use is to contact the new owner regarding a similar domain you want to offer them. Ask them to make you a reasonable offer, and continue to follow-up with them until the deal closes.

Persistence is the key to making every sale a success.